Really cool that a bunch of people on Facebook/social networking sites are suddenly showing their support for Palestine but I cant help but wonder where all of you were years ago when all of this was just starting? Did it ever occur to anyone that if you would have spoke up about it then rather than now things might not have progressed as severely as they have? Think about how many lives have been lost when you’ve been too afraid to speak your mind; think about all the other things you’re afraid to speak up about and ask your self whats the point of keeping quiet when things need to change now.



don’t worry, I voted



 greed is a bottomless pit
And our freedoms a joke 
Were just taking a piss
And the whole world must watch the sad comic display
If youre still free start running away
Cause were coming for you!

I love kids, man. I saw this lil’ kid on a bus the other day who just copied everyone around him, absorbing everything; continuous sponges of learning, they are. It got me thinking…why do people stop learning, I dont understand how it has suddenly become “uncool”.

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Of the 235 years that the United States have been a country, 209 years have been at war

That is 88.9% of the time.
And includes half of my 21 years. 

it really upsetting me that the protest on wall st might be over today. our only hope is if the workers they hired to clean up refuse. as much as i hope that happens, one has to take into consideration the fact that people still have families to feed. This is only the beginning, there are still protests all over the world. we can still demonstrate somewhere else and we can still change things. i’m not giving up on this.


i dont know if this will help at all with the eviction of occupy wall st but i hope it does.

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Pictured: Photo from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre - February 14, 1929