God damn it I send u so many flirty messages stop playing. What you so afraid of?


Wu-Tang Clan will sell just one copy of their next album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, recorded in secret for the last two years for a multi-million dollar sum.



Realist thing on here


Artist Name: Tyler Thompson

Tumblr: http://redntoothnclaw.tumblr.com

Artwork for Kent Ohio experimental rock project, Mont Saint Michel, including the front, back and interior artwork for their most recent EP, ‘Vermilion Sands”.

Check them out on bandcamp: montsaintmichel.bandcamp.com

My most recent ex used to call me a tumblr feminist as an insult and it still confuses the hell out of me because a) I pretty much never say anything on here at all; b) because as a feminist i don’t have enough shit to worry about, and enough people make fun of me for being one, how is that any different? And C) is it because feminism is gaining popularity? So fucking what, good. Since when is using social media to spread a cause and turning 16 year olds into feminists and eventually, in turn revolutionaries, a bad thing? No wonder he defended reddit. Yeah theres a lot of stupid people and hipsters on this site too, but people are people and as a self proclaimed “feminist” ally and humanitarian you really don’t see how that insult is confusing and just wrong? Gtfo of anarchism if you cant stand a girl whose vocal about beliefs and who just happens to have goddamn blog. Don’t pretend to be all high and mighty cause I have a tumblr, and dont get offended when i tell you you dont understand feminism after you use it as an insult. boo fucking hoo.

Kinda proud of this.