I’m so fucking boredddddd I just want outpatient to start so I can get out of the freaking house. I’ve been smoking so many cigs my god



Yo get outta my head. You’re too freaking cute *_*


Undress Me by Michael Faudet

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Freaks and Geeks (1999)

A group of high school students in 1980 faces various social struggles. Lindsay Weir rebels and begins hanging out with a crowd of burnouts, courtesy of an invitation from Daniel Desario.

  • Dad: "are you smoking cigarettes?"
  • Me: "no"
  • Dad: "well, it reeks of cigarettes in here"
  • Me: "weird"
  • *closes door*
  • Wtf am I doing with my life? Lol he obviously knows. why lie....
  • fariaon:

    Aki. By Cynthia Decker.