apparently reindeer eat this hallucinogenic fungus and trip balls and get sensations of flying so they actually do fly v cute. 

That’s how people discovered shrooms! Funny thing, when people first saw how the reindeers were acting they didn’t know why at first so they made a drink out of their pee…eventually obviously they realized it was the mushrooms though. It was used for religious rituals to reach a “higher” purpose.




Austria by Vitalij Seriogin

 ॐ Spiritual Bliss ॐ




 ॐ Spiritual Bliss ॐ

Happy springtime yall

Wow I miss smoking weed. I wish I could get stuff for anxiety all the shit around here gives me panic attacks

The xfiles has one of the most honest yet brutal portrayals of american human nature. Like, I really believe if the american government was to find alien life we would treat them like this, it would become a genocide that would probably lead to our death bc we’re fucking dumb.

Does Megan fox look like Donna from twin peaks to anyone else? Not in the way Ryan Reynolds/Duane cook or mark Whalberg/matt Damon but still definite similarities…idk