I remember sitting on the edge of your bed
And I thought about your girlfriend
And I thought about us
I thought about when I was your girlfriend;
And I gave into lust.
I still can’t help but wonder
Was she the backup,
Or was I?


Happy Earth Day!

via Lamb & Lion Studio

I like to kiss you
during the darkest
hours of the night
when you are turning
over with distress -
due to your
nightmares -
so you know
that someone,
still loves you
when you are off
fighting dragons
and driving cars
with no brakes,
while all of your
teeth fall out.
― While you’re dreaming - Julian Budani (via youshouldacceptchaos)


I am overstocked with beads and thought it would be fun to do a mystery grab bag of pretty, beaded bracelets. One size fits all, they stretch! And all the beads are from vintage jars I found in my great aunts house: super cute, bright colors. They look great stacked with other bracelets or on their own. 2$ For three! Happy springtime!

PS I’m selling them in sets so 1 in the quantity section is really one complete set of three.
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Happy easter/ zombie Jesus day

Amen to that! No romanticizing to be found just truth.

So I just finished reading Junkie by william s. Burroughs, and It left me being like “wait, that was it?” It was so short I wanted to know more, but i guess thats what a good writer does. It ended with him trying to find another drug, a final fix… If youve ever had any sort of addiction, you roll your eyes at that and know it wont work. I mean, throughout the whole book he kept running from his addiction and always ended up in the same place, you cant run from yourself. It was a really good read, kind of like a first step in a way. So yeah, id recommend it to someone with an addiction, its interesting to see a junkie from an outsiders view, rather than just seeing yourself. I found myself realizing a lot of his excuses and problems were so similar to my own, i kept being like “no, dont do that. Youre so dumb!” When in all actuality I rarely follow my own advice.



This fox likes to nap on my lawn on sunny days